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SMS Marketing?

You may have asked yourself: What is all the excitement over SMS Marketing? What is it, and why should I care so much about it?

These are all very valid questions, and you're not alone in asking them. They are the reason why we created SMS Marketing—it's more than just an application for easily running SMS marketing campaigns. It offers resources and important guiding information to help you take advantage of one of the most powerful marketing mediums to date.

SMS Marketing is the authority on text marketing. It is the only resource truly dedicated to serving marketers.

The Power of SMS

Brands and businesses of all size are taking advantage of SMS marketing. It's the only advertising vehicle that allows you to communicate with your customers in a personal, non-intrusive manner. SMS marketing allows you to send time-sensitive alerts to your mobile subscribers instantly, driving more traffic and creating higher conversion rates. The metrics behind SMS marketing are so powerful, no other advertising medium can compete.

17% Conversion Rate

If you send a text message to your subscribers with a compelling offer or call-to-action, you can expect 17% of those subscribers will act on the offer. Compared to print pieces, which yield an average 1% conversion, and email, which is less than 10%, SMS marketing is a low-cost, common sense approach to driving more sales.

95% Open Rate

If you send it, they will read it! 95% of all text messages sent by SMS marketing are opened by their recipients. In addition, they're typically read within 15 minutes, not hours or days as is typical with email and direct mail.

With SMS Marketing, You're not alone

Some of the biggest brands are taking advantage of SMS marketing, and now it's time for your business to as well. SMS Marketing makes it affordable for any business to get started creating its own text marketing campaign. Create your account today and see just how easy and profitable an SMS marketing program can be!

Large brands using SMS marketing

How to start your business with text marketing

Building your own text marketing subscriber database is simple, especially if you have an SMS Marketing account. Once you have your keyword and auto response created, it's time to start promoting your campaigns. This can be done very inexpensively by including in-store signage, putting a mobile call-to-action on your website, or incorporating an SMS call-to-action in your existing advertising. If you want to take your programs to the next level, use unique keywords for each location and get a better understanding if just how well your programs are running.

keyword shortcode examples

Understanding keywords and short codes

Our Frequently Asked Questions page has more details about the various aspects of SMS marketing, but there are two main components: a keyword, which is the "message" your subscriber will send, and a short code, the number they dial to send the keyword.

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