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Auto-Response SMS Marketing Messages

Setting up an automatic text responder is essential to running a successful SMS marketing campaign. The automatic text responder allows you to stay in constant communication with your subscribers without the hassle of having to manually input your text messages each day.

text message follow-ups

This convenience allows you to send each subscriber a series of text messages and guarantees that each person who joins your mobile subscriber list will continue to receive your messages until he or she opts out.

Setting up your own SMS marketing auto-responder is very simple. With SMS Marketing, you choose how many additional follow-up messages you want to send and at what intervals you want them delivered to each new subscriber.

The guide within your SMS Marketing account shows you a typical scenario of what will happen after an individual joins your text marketing campaign.

Setting up SMS marketing auto-responders:

1) Log into your SMS Marketing account (click here)

2) In your dashboard, select the keyword with which you would like to configure the auto-responders.

If this is your first time setting up the keyword, click "setup now." If you have already set up this keyword once, click "Edit Keyword."

3) Each keyword requires at least one auto-response.

Define your "Required Auto Response" in the first text box. You are limited to 130 characters, and we automatically append the text "Msg&Data rates may apply. txt STOP to end. txt HELP for help." This text is required by US carriers for all SMS marketing campaigns.

4) Define additional follow-up messages.

Type your desired message. The first follow-up message text box is optional. If you choose to use it, this message will be sent seconds after a subscriber joins your SMS marketing list.

5) Additional follow-up messages.

If you would like your follow-up text marketing messages to be delayed, click "Add Additional Staggered Messages."

Write the message you would like sent, and then choose the number of "days delayed" the message should be. This is the number of days after a subscriber joins that he/she will receive this message. Select the time of day you want this message to go out.

6) Click "Finished" to save and activate your auto-response messages.

These messages are now live and will be sent to subscribers as they opt into your SMS marketing campaigns.