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Coca-Cola Turns Cans White in New Text-to-Donate Campaign

“Coca-Cola is making an initial donation of $2 million to WWF and inviting others to join the effort. Anyone who wants to help the polar bears can text the package code to 357357 to donate $1 to WWF.”

Coca-Cola is turning some cans and bottle caps white this season to help support the Arctic Home fund, a collaborative effort between Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Fund that seeks to raise enough money to create a 500,000-square-mile safe refuge for polar bears. Mobile Marketer reports on this new mobile initiative to help the polar bears. Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Fund have been partnering since 2007 to support polar bears and other environmental causes.

The Arctic Home website explains the threat posed to polar bears by the rapidly-melting sea ice upon which their ecosystem depends. Arctic Home aims to raise ten million dollars that will go toward protecting the polar bear’s habitat as well supporting Arctic research. According to the Arctic Home website:

“The funds raised through Arctic Home will support the three main components of WWF’s conservation work to help protect the polar bear: engaging Inuit communities, supporting scientific research and working with governments and others to gain support for habitat conservation and management through educational initiatives.”

The specially-whitened Coca-Cola cans and bottles contain product codes that the consumer can then text to the provided short code in order to donate one dollar to the fund. The donation will appear on the consumer’s wireless bill. Coca-Cola has already donated two million dollars to the campaign and has pledged to match donations made through its texting program up to one million dollars.

People can donate by text up to five times per month or make unlimited donations online. As of November 28, the Arctic Fund has raised over $42,000. The SMS campaign is expected to run through the holiday season.