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‘Free Shipping’ Brings in Over a Billion Dollars and Proves to be a Popular Marketing Offer

As the 2012 holiday shopping season comes to a close, retailers are examining the marketing strategies that worked best this year. One promotion that proved popular among online and mobile shoppers this season: Free Shipping. The shopping trends this year have shown that the increasing expectation of discounted delivery, combined with the proliferation of smartphones…
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A Multi-faceted Approach to Avoid Showrooming Casualties This Season

A lot of marketing attention has been brought this holiday season to the issue of “showrooming,” and its positive and negative effects for consumers and retailers. Showrooming refers to a certain kind of product research whereby consumers can go online from one store and check a product’s prices at other stores. It has become a…
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Texting Among Teens Continues to Grow

Each year marketers face questions about the future of SMS marketing, whether it will continue to grow or if it will be eclipsed by other popular messaging platforms. And while people respond with various predictions regarding the fate of SMS as a viable mode of communication, studies continue to show that the use of text…
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Make SMS Interactive and Learn about Your Consumers

One thing people like about SMS text messages is that they are short and therefore minimally intrusive: they can be read quickly anytime and anywhere. The required brevity can be a bit of a challenge to marketers however, who have only 160 characters to communicate an offer and no room for error; businesses must make…
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Linking SMS to Your Other Marketing Strategies

Text messaging continues to show its effectiveness as a tool for communication and marketing. Whether your business is looking to explore SMS marketing for the first time or thinking of how to develop an existing campaign into something more sophisticated and wide-reaching, companies benefit from considering how SMS can work with other popular modes of…
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Corporate and Charity Partnerships Benefit from SMS

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As companies become more sophisticated in their deployment of mobile resources for promoting programs to their consumers, more and more businesses are now adding an SMS component to their marketing campaigns to ensure maximum outreach. And as companies often partner with charities to help fundraise for important causes, SMS can be particularly helpful in reaching…
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The Telephone Consumer Protection Act Faces Challenges in the Age of Texting

FCC to Consider Petition Prohibiting Unsolicited Internet-to-Phone Text Messages The Federal Communications Commission has been asked to consider a petition that clarifies the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) so as to ban the use of unsolicited noncommercial internet-to-phone text messages. FCC guidelines already prohibit organizations from sending noncommercial autodialed text messages to cell…
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Bulk SMS Offer Low-cost Alternative to Comprehensive Marketing Campaigns

In an ideal financial environment, businesses looking to increase brand awareness, generate excitement about a product, and attract more consumers—in other words, all businesses—are best served by a comprehensive marketing strategy that incorporates every advertising tool available. These include marketing through traditional print and broadcast media as well as online social media and mobile platforms.…
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Mobile Options for the 2012 Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday shopping season is here already, and the technology services available to businesses—and the consumer expectations for those services—have grown since last year. Since this is a retailer’s last opportunity to realize profits for 2012, and the last chance for some retailers to make up for a slow sales year, tuning in to mobile…
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More Consumers Redeeming Mobile Coupons


While mobile marketers must focus their attention on the many diverse offerings of mobile tools for consumer outreach—such as the expanding use of apps and the growing ubiquity of QR codes on virtually any type of product—mobile couponing is one tool that has shown itself to be less a “trend” and more a standard expectation…
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