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SMS Marketers Discover Click-through Traffic of Text Messages

TextBoard, an SMS marketing application has announced the statistics from a newly added feature that tracks unique click traffic for all text messages that their system sends.

Using a URL shortening service (similar to, TextBoard admins are able to see which mobile subscribers clicked a URL and how many times. Just like email campaigns, marketers can use the metrics gained from a text message to gauge overall campaign performance.

TextBoard ran a trial of their new service- tracking every URL in every text message that the system sent. Two weeks later, and over 65,000 sent messages later the results were in.

19.3% of all recipients clicked the URL within an average of 45 seconds of being sent.

This powerful new metrics when compared to email marketing (averaging only 4.2% click rate) continues to show the power and effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns.

Read more about how TextBoard is tracking URL activity inside of SMS marketing messages over at TextBoard’s marketing blog.