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SMS Marketing Application Features

We've designed SMS Marketing to be the simplest, easiest and most profitable tool to run two-way text message marketing programs for your business. The intuitive interface allows you to easily set up new SMS marketing messages in seconds. And as your business and text marketing programs grow, so does SMS Marketing, allowing you to easily manage multiple keywords from one interface and send a high volume of text messages quickly and efficiently.


Simple SMS Marketing Program

shared short codes

We've simplified the process of creating an SMS marketing program for your business. It's as easy as 1) pick the keyword you would like to use for your business, and 2) define the message that subscribers will receive once they've opted into the program.

SMS Marketing has eliminated the hard work of setting up your own short code by allowing you to take advantage of our shared short code.

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Multiple Keywords for More Control

run multiple keywords

Multiple keywords can be used from one SMS Marketing account to run concurrent text marketing programs, segment your mobile subscriber list, and track billboard, TV and radio campaigns.

A huge advantage of SMS marketing is the ability to measure the effectiveness of your offline marketing campaigns. Differentiate your marketing campaigns by using a different keyword for each advertising venue (TV commercials, radio spots, billboards, print ads, etc.), and then compare the effectiveness of each.

Using multiple keywords

Easy-to-Understand Analytics

sms marketing analytics

Understanding how well your SMS marketing programs are performing is essential to every businesses. You need to see how many subscribers your campaign has attracted and what messages subscribers respond to best.

SMS Marketing's advantage allows you to compare the stats of multiple keywords against each other to see which keywords outperform. For the savvy marketers, you can use multiple keywords to track different offers, promotions, and offline advertising pieces.

Automatic Text Message Responses

text message follow-ups

SMS Marketing's patent-pending staggered delivery method allows you to put your programs on autopilot and automatically send follow-up messages to each subscriber at predetermined intervals.

While other systems will limit you to just one follow-up message, SMS Marketing allows you to send as many additional text messages to your subscribers as you want. Use the automatic staggered response to send the same series of messages to each person that has joined your subscriber list.

Auto-response message details

Scheduled Text Messages


Need to send a text message to your subscribers on a scheduled date and time? No problem. SMS Marketing has you covered! Using our intuitive scheduling interface, you can quickly schedule recurring text messages to some or all of your subscribers. If the same subscriber's number appears on multiple keyword lists, our automatic filter removes the duplicate numbers.

Scheduling text messages

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