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SMS Marketing Frequently Asked Questions


What does SMS stand for?

SMS is the acronym for Short Message Service. It is also commonly referred to as "text message marketing." SMS is used to send simple 160-character long messages between cell phones. SMS messages are text-only and contain no multimedia or graphics.

How much does SMS marketing cost?

We've set up a simple plan to make it affordable for anyone looking to get started with SMS marketing. SMS marketing costs are free for unlimited lifetime access, includes 1 keyword and 10 message credits.

How do I create an account?

You can create an SMS marketing account by visiting the Create Account page. You will be given 10 message credits to get started.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is the message that the customer texts to the short code. This keyword is unique to your business and is what identifies your account on the shared short code.

The keyword you choose when you create your account can be any combination of letters and numbers. An ideal keyword is short, easy to remember and reflects the brand's image or products. Some examples may include: "DEALS"; "DINNER"; "GOLF"; or "FREE."

What is a short code?

A short code is the 5-6-digit number to which a customer texts your keyword in order to join your SMS marketing program. The short code SMS Marketing uses is 55958. If you would like to have your own short code, we suggest using TextBoard, a text-message marketing application also built by OIR interactive that can handle multiple short codes and campaign types.

How do I setup auto response text messages?

After you have created and logged into your SMS marketing account, you will see your keyword(s) displayed on the main dashboard. Click "Set up keyword" to define your auto response.

What is a follow-up text message?

A follow-up message is the message you send back to a user when he or she opts in to your campaign. It is typically a welcoming message with additional information or special offers. The SMS marketing application allows you to send follow-up messages containing up to 160 characters each.

What is a staggered message?

Staggered messages allow you to automatically send delayed follow-up messages to each subscriber after he or she joins your campaign. These messages can be delayed by 1 - 1000 days depending on your preferences. Automatic staggered messages are ideal for tourist locations or establishments that attract subscribers over a specific period of time.

How do I schedule a text message?

Log into your SMS marketing account, and click the "Scheduled Messages" link at the top of the page. You will then be presented with the calendar of all you scheduled messages. To add a new scheduled message, click any day on the calendar and the scheduled message widget will popup.

What is a message credit?

When you send a text message through the SMS marketing application, a message credit is deducted from your account. When you run out of message credits you will need to resupply your account.

What is a mobile subscriber?

Mobile subscribers are consumers who opt into your SMS marketing program. When a mobile user sees your ad and texts the indicated keyword, he or she has agreed to receive offers and promotions from your business. This consumer is now a subscriber whose number can be stored in your database for future remarketing.

What is opt in?

The means by which a customer joins your mobile subscriber list is called "opting in." When a consumer texts the keyword to your short code, he or she "opts in" to your campaign, and thus, agrees to receive your offers

What countries does SMS Marketing work in?

At this time, SMS Marketing only works in the United States and it's territories. We hope to provide service to other countries soon. So check back often!