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SMS Marketing With Keywords

SMS marketing provides distinct advantages over other common methods of promoting your business. Because SMS marketing is measurable, you're able to obtain solid analytics about the text programs that you are running within your store.

A huge advantage to SMS Marketing is the ability to use multiple keywords for your texting campaigns. Comparing the success of several different keywords will help you to understand where traffic is coming from and which of your keywords is generating the largest ROI. Use a different keyword in each advertising campaign and then study the statistics to see how many subscribers were attracted to each keyword/advertisement. Those stats will give you direct feedback on the value of your advertising pieces. You can track the effectiveness of multiple-keyword SMS as part of a broad-scope marketing strategy that utilizes various advertising venues, or as part of a narrower campaign that utilizes a single advertising medium.

The easiest way to get started with broad-scope text marketing tracking is to buy multiple keywords and then devote each one to a specific type of advertising. For instance, reserve one keyword for billboards, one for TV commercials, one for radio spots, one for flyers, etc. And don't forget about your in-house advertising mediums, including point-of-sale banners, customer bags, printed receipts, to-go boxes and coasters. Each medium can be branded with a unique keyword to measure which material is truly winning your customers’ attention.

Another option—for those not running such a broad advertising program—is to focus on one specific ad piece. Let’s say you're currently running a 12-week full-page newspaper campaign for your business. With SMS marketing it would be a good idea to split the 12 weeks into two segments and tweak the advertisement to generate more text message opt-ins based on those changes. You may try a different picture, or a different call-to-action or even a different offer. When you make a change, use a different keyword to segment the subscribers so you will know which version of the ad attracted which subscribers. By looking at the number of subscribers to a specific ad version, you'll have a better understanding of the content that gives your business the best results.

Adding Keywords to Your SMS Marketing Account

Adding more keywords to your account is simple! Follow these easy steps and you will be on your way to tracking multiple ad campaigns from one single, easy- to-use SMS marketing program. (Be sure to read up on the analytics to fully understand the statistics you get when running multi-keyword campaigns.)

1) Log into your SMS Marketing account.


2) Select the 'Purchase Upgrades' link from your main menu.


3) On the upgrades page, select the text box for "Search Keyword" and start typing your desired keyword.

You will be given instant feedback on the availably of the keyword. If the one you want is already taken, try a logical variation.

4) Once you find the keyword you want, select the "Add To Cart" button.

You can continue to search for more keywords and add those to your cart and purchase them all at once.

5) Click "Check Out" from within your shopping cart.


6) Enter your billing details.

Keywords are a one-time charge and are yours for the life of your account. You will not be billed for them again.


7) Complete the checkout process and return to your main screen (Dashboard).


8) Set up your new keywords just as you did with your starter keyword.


9) Promote your new keywords!