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SMS Marketing Pricing

SMS Marketing scales as your business grows. There is a package that fits every company's budget and texting demands. You only pay for the messages you send and your free system access and includes 10 message credits! For accounts that send a large volume of messages, a discount message rate is available.


Free Instant Access!Includes full system access for life, 1 keyword and 10 FREE message credits

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Keyword Costs

A keyword is the word or "message" someone sends to our short code. It's how SMS Marketing identifies your program among all the other ongoing programs using the same short code. You are given 1 free keyword when you create your account.

Additional keywords are a one-time cost of $39.00 each. Keywords are yours for the life of your account. You can search for available keywords from within your SMS Marketing account.


Messaging Costs

One message credit is used to send one text message. If you send a text message to 25 subscribers, you use 25 message credits. Your new account automatically gets 10 when activating!

All credits are yours for the life of the account. Credits never expire.

You can purchase as many message credits as you need from within your SMS Marketing account.

Credits One-Time Price Price Per Credit
200 $20.00 $0.10
500 $45.00 $0.09
1,000 $80.00 $0.08
3,000 $210.00 $0.07
5,000 $300.00 $0.06
10,000 $400.00 $0.04


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