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Scheduling SMS Marketing Messages

Scheduling a text message with SMS Marketing makes it easy to stay in constant communication with your subscribers during important holidays and events. With SMS Marketing you can run weekly and monthly promotions that will automatically be sent to all active subscribers for each keyword.

With SMS Marketing's intuitive scheduling feature, restaurants and bars can schedule messages to be sent every Friday, reminding patrons of happy-hour specials. Or spas and resorts can send text messages at the start of each month to their SMS marketing subscriber list to push upcoming deals and promotions.

As a business owner, you can spend just a few minutes scheduling these messages and step away from the computer to focus on other important business tasks knowing that your scheduled text marketing messages will be delivered exactly when you want.

Scheduling your own messages with SMS Marketing:

1) Log into your account (click here)

2) Click "Scheduled Messages" from the main menu at the top of the screen.

3) You are now presented with a calendar view of the current month.

Select the day you would like to have your message sent. If you would like to have the message sent in a future month, use the arrows next to the current month's name to scroll the calendar forward. You can schedule messages up to 18 months in advance.

4) Click on the day of the month you wish to schedule an SMS marketing message. A pop-up window will appear.

5) Within the pop-up window, write the message you would like to be delivered.

6) Choose the keyword whose subscribers will receive your text marketing message.

You can choose more than one keyword. For billing purposes, SMS Marketing counts the total number of subscribers this message will go to. The SMS Marketing system automatically suppresses any duplicate phone numbers so that each subscriber will receive only one text message. You will need to make sure you have enough message credits to send a text message to all the selected subscribers.

7) Choose the time you would like the message to go out.

8) Click "Schedule Now" to save the scheduled message.

When the scheduled time comes, your message will automatically be sent to all the subscribers of the keyword you selected.


If you would like to edit a scheduled message:

1) Return to the calendar section by clicking "Scheduled Messages" in your SMS Marketing account.

2) Click the blue icon representing the scheduled text message that you want to edit.

3) The edit message pop-up will appear and you can edit your scheduled text message as needed. You can change the keywords the scheduled SMS marketing message goes to, the date and the time.

4) Click "Save."